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My name is Candice, (I go by Candice Victoria, some call me Cocokitten lol) born and raised in South Philadelphia. Since a young girl I have always been creative, bold and most importantly confident. Growing up I always had a love for make up, and as the years went by the love turned into a hobby which turned into a true passion to enhance natural beauty. In 2009 I gained the official title of “MUA”.  Being creative wasn’t enough, I worked hard to perfect my craft, studied under other artists, worked for free exposure and pounded the pavement. I became a licensed esthetician in 2016, I then began working with the Dermalogica Skin Care brand and became a certified Dermalogica Skin care specialist. I worked in a few spas and salons before venturing out and becoming my own boss. Today I am the proud owner of:

  Ohhh La La  Makeup Artistry and Skin Care LLC, Ohhh La La LUXE, and Spa Kitten LLC

This brand is a love letter to everyone out there who values quality and diversity! 

This brand is about all inclusive beauty!

Ohhh La La, "Where beauty, fashion and luxury meet!"

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